Take Me by Mackenzie McKade

Samhain Publishing

Contemporary Romance

ISBN: 1-59998-592-6

Reviewed by Shayna



After two years, Caitlyn Culver is back in town and sheís out to get what she wants.  Despite her fatherís threats against him, what she wants is rancher Cord Daily.  Aware of the truth behind Cordís wicked reputation, Cait decides to beat Cord at his own game. The luscious cowboy soon finds himself tied up and left wanting in her fatherís barn.  Cait better watch out because paybacks can be hellÖof the most delicious sort. 

Cord has loved Cait for years, but that doesnít mean heís going to let the vixen get away with her trick.  With his cousin, Dolan Crane, Court treats Cait to a passionate night beyond their wildest dreams.  When dawn breaks, reality sets in, and Cord finds he isnít the only one who wants Cait.  Will Dolan make his move on Cait? Will Caitís father make her choose between the life sheís always known and the future she could have with Cord?

Take Me is the first story Iíve read by Mackenzie McKade and it wonít be my last!  Cait is a character I would love to be friends with and who wouldnít want to spend a night in the arms of Cord and Dolan?  What impressed me most about Take Me (besides the sexy cowboys) is the natural emotional complications which arose after the trioís passionate encounter.  I dreamily sighed over Cordís possessiveness and I admired how Ms. McKade handled Dolanís attraction to Cait.  In the hands of another author, Dolanís desire to start a relationship with Cait might have annoyed me or detracted from the tale.  However, this is not the case; Ms. McKade deftly handles the emotions of all involved and I was more than happy with the storyís ending.  Take Me is an engaging read, filled with likeable characters and deliciously hot love scenes.  Sinful, yet satisfying, I greatly enjoyed Ms. McKadeís book.


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