Strongman by Denise Rossetti

Phoenix Rising, Book 3

Elloraís Cave

M/M, Fantasy

ISBN: 9781419914973

Reviewed by Raine



Fort McLaren, once mercenary and now circus roustabout, falls prey to feelings heís not comfortable with. Circus acrobat Griff is responsible for causing that discomfort.

While Griff himself has not in general lusted after men, there is just something about Fort that sets him aflame. His scent, personality, and responses drive Griff to test the water with the big man. While Fort definitely feels something for Griff, his upbringing wars in his mind versus what his body is craving. But when they end up in battle and injuries and memory loss occur, things become clear, but then what?

Strongman was an incredible story about two men who found their soul mate in another man. Fort is gruff and scary, or tries to be at least. Griff is a bundle of energy and comfortable in his skin. Itís very easy to fall in love with each man even though they are so very different. I absolutely love it when big tough men fall prey to love and Denise Rossetti makes these men fall hard. A great storyline any M/M fan is bound to love.


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