Stolen Identity by Amber Rigby Grosjean

Amira Press

Contemporary Erotic Thriller

Reviewed by Ley



Raised by an abusive alcoholic mother, Matthew has experienced nothing but misery and pain.  Even though his mother made sure he had clothes to wear and food to eat, it came at the price of his self-esteem and having to endure her mental and physical abuse.  On her death bed, in her dying breath, she made sure her final act of abuse would be a lasting one. She revealed to Matthew he was adopted and that his real mother didnít want him.

In a search for his natural mother, Matthew learned she died as well, but the biggest shock was the fact that Matthew was a twin. Confused as to why his natural mother kept one but not the other, and angry that he was given away, Matthew sought out his twin, determined to get the life he should have had.

Matthew is one terribly unstable person, but not without reasons.  Stolen Identity is chocked full of murder, lies, and deceit, and it's one hell of a read.  My feelings for Matthew fluctuated.  I understood why he felt as he did, but not enough to justify his actions even though he felt the world owed him. His actions werenít the only ones that shocked me.  Matthew violates Allison, his brotherís wife, in every aspect of her life and how she handled it really surprised me. I did have trouble adjusting to Amber Rigby Grosjean's writing style, but it wasnít enough to put me off the story.  Stolen Identity is a good suspense thriller with some great surprise twists.


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