Starlight Rapture by Astrid Cooper

Starlight, Book 2

eXtasy Books

Futuristic Romance

ISBN: 978-1-55487-026-4

Reviewed by Lisa



Now that Samantha and John-Kuno are finally together, they are wasting no time whatsoever in getting to know each other as deeply and as intimately as possible.

Kuno explains to Sam that his father is the King, but because he is half Felinus and half human, only his older brother Harimal is considered a Prince.  Harimal meets the two at a pleasure place open only to Felinus and tells Kuno to beware as someone is threatening their people. They seem be going missing.  Hidden and open dangers exist for the feline beings, but there are some who are just as interested in Sam as well.  Hopefully Kuno and Sam believe the threat is real.

The first two-thirds of Starlight Rapture consists of sensuous lovemaking and the various levels of orgasm achieved by the cat-like Kuno and his lover Sam. Itís not until the end quarter that the actual story unfolds with drama and action.  I liked Sam and John with their sizzling hot lovemaking, but I would have enjoyed more of the danger that Harimal speaks about to be a bigger part of this story.  The Ďmystical, magicalí love is great, but Iím hoping the next story is full of mayhem and chaos and plot.


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