Stanton and Anton by DJ Manly

Wolf Saga, Book 2

eXtasy Books

Paranormal Romance

ISBN: 1-55410-827-6

Reviewed by Lisa



Adam Lang and Nicholas Ross have fallen in love, but the bitter feud between their grandfathers, Stanton Lang and Anton Ross, means that their love cannot continue.  Circumstances now turn their love into jealousy and hate.

Each thought to be dead, Stanton Lang and Anton Ross have returned to direct the lives of their grandsons without the other knowing that they are both back in the picture.  Anton takes Nicholas aside and tells him the history of the two men from the time they met to the present.

Anton Ross despises the snobby rich men of Middletown, but his business-minded father pressures Anton into attending the tony Academic Institute to complete his education and to become room mates with Stanton Lang, the richest of the snobs.  The two young men share common ground with overbearing, controlling fathers and grow to love each other while Stanton has secretly found a way to aid his stamina, charisma, and power to be the success his father requires.

Their lives entwine with a secret love for each other and marriages to women -- Nancy Codair for Stanton who shares her with Anton and a cold fish named Melissa Carriage for Anton.  But secrets of love, sex, and magic canít stay quiet forever and all hell breaks loose for these two men who should be together and cannot.  Anton and Stanton learn the hard way that the line between love and hate is only a breath apart.

The second Wolf Saga book, Stanton and Anton, begins with the last chapter of book one and the true past history between the families unfolds with passion and verve.  I was pulled in and found myself wrapped up in their lives of the Lang and Ross men. They are something else!  Author DJ Manly pulls out all the stops with Stanton and Anton and left me thirsty for the third installment in this highly provocative and powerful series.


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