Spring Fling by Kiernan Kelly, Sean Michael, Cassidy Ryan

Taste Test

Torquere Press

M/M Romance

ISBN: 978-1-60370-307-9

Reviewed by Ley



‘Something Better’ by Sean Michael

Working at gay resort has it perks.  For Manny it means having an all expense paid vacation without having to deal with the headaches of travel.  All he needs now is someone to enjoy his free time with.  Dan, a guest at the resort, is just the person he was hoping for.

‘Something Better’ is very sweet.  Manny saw what he wanted and he went for it full speed ahead.  Manny was definitely what Dan’s ego needed after his unworthy boyfriend abandons him for another guy.  I really liked this story, and the way Dan stood up to his ex made ‘Something Better’ even better.


‘Suddenly, Finally’ by Cassidy Ryan

Casey moved away from the city to put distance between him and his best friend Josh.  Afraid that his more than friendship feelings for Josh were starting to get out of control, Casey knew it was best to give each other space.  When Josh shows up on his doorstep holding a baby Casey doesn’t hesitate in helping his distressed friend. 

Such a cute story!  ‘Suddenly, Finally’ had me laughing from the first page and smiling through out this much too quick for my liking read.  Casey, Josh and baby Noah need a full-length book telling us more about these two men and their baby.


‘Zero’s Fist’ by Kiernan Kelly

Alpha, Zero uses his fist to do most of his talking and no one was ever foolish enough to challenge him or his pact, until now.  After learning that his pack and his leadership is being threatened by the leader of a displace pack, Zero finds an unlikely ally in an ex- lover he thought he would never see again.

‘Zero’s Fist’ is another great story in this compact anthology.  Zero carried around the regret of allowing Dante to walk away from him and their pack. He was not going to blow the second chance he’s been given.  ‘Zero’s Fist’ is an action story, that’s heavy on violence and entertainment.  Dante and Zero are two weres I would love to read more about.


Spring Fling is an awesome read.  I loved every story in it and can easily see each one as a full-length story.  Readers will not be disappointed in this anthology.


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