Release Date: June 2008


Spanish Billionaire, Innocent Wife by Kate Walker

Harlequin Presents

ISBN: 9780373234981 

Reviewed by Ley



Hit with a terrible tragedy, Alannah is wrought with sadness, but she knows she has to gather her strength and face Raul, a man from her past and the only man she has ever loved.

Raul is surprised to see the woman who rejected him sitting in the hospital waiting room apparently waiting for him.  Not knowing what she wants from him he knows for certain he only wanted her body and nothing more.

Spanish Billionaire, Innocent Wife is a good read with a dark and sad tone to it.  It starts off with a very emotional Alannah struggling to keep herself together.  She soon comes face to face with Raul who is quite cold in his interactions with her.  Raul has reasons to be cold, Alannah broke his heart, and now secrets are revealed that connect them in a shared tragedy that builds his disdain for her.   As much as he try to convince himself that he has only contemptuous feelings for Alannah, he knows itís a lie and his true feelings threaten to rise to the surface every time heís near her.  Spanish Billionaire, Innocent Wife is a passionate story and Harlequin fans will not be disappointed.


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