Sonora by Elaine Bonner

The Wild Rose Press

Historical Inspirational Romance

Print ISBN: 1-60154-194-5

Reviewed by Tori



Sonora has been running, from God and the father of her child, for a long time and is found bloody and beaten outside her uncle’s burned-out cabin.  She is found just in time to save her life.  When she wakes up, she realizes that her young son is missing, and she has no idea why anyone would take him. 

Captain Jonathan Parker is in charge of an outpost in The Dakota Territory where Sonora is found and is instantly drawn to her.  He is unsure of the feelings she stirs in him, but Jonathan knows that God will guide him.  When Timmy is found, and Sonora runs away with the boy, Jonathan knows she is hiding secrets, but he leans on his faith to turn everything right.

Sonora is a very good story about faith and trusting God.  It is so easy to say you believe that He will protect you and be there for you until it is time to step out in faith.  While some situations seemed extremely unlikely, including the forward thinking with many of the characters' view on the father's rights issues I very much liked the character development.  This was the first book I have read by this author and I fully intend to keep my eye out for more.


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