Sixth Day Of The Moon by Celia Ashley

New Concepts Publishing

Time Travel Romance

Reviewed by Chris



On an archaeological expedition in Ireland, Moira is caught unprepared in a storm and struck by lightning. For Moira, that means being thrust back to medieval times, into a world where women are basically property and used as such. Here she runs into Padraic, a prince ruling over a small tribe of rather ill-mannered people. Padraic is immediately drawn to her and she to him. She begs his protection, not realizing that may mean defending her from his half brother, Ahern, and stirring up long-held resentments between the two.

To the rest of the ďrealĒ world, Moiraís lightning strike has left her in a coma. In the hospital, her care is turned over to Dr. Liam Mackenzie. Incidentally (or not, as the story plays out), Liam and Moira had a brief affair while he was studying to be a doctor in the States. When he returned to Ireland, Moira broke off the relationship. Single once again, Liam finds himself unable to leave the unconscious womanís bedside. Can he discover the key to bring Moira back to herself?

This story is unlike most of the small press stories Iíve read. For a short story, it fits its format well. As a romance, Iím not so sure. I suspect the author either has a significantly higher post-high school education level than most or a love affair with the thesaurus. Donít misunderstand. Itís a fascinating read. Whereas many stories rely on dialogue, this one falls back on more description, a bit off-putting until you slip into its rhythm. It has an old world flavor, reminiscent of some of the medieval era tales one has to read in college level Literature courses. Certain bits of it donít quite ring true, particularly in the hospital scenes, but having not been to Ireland myself, who am I to say?

Celia Ashleyís taken a short story and plunked a lot of atypical scenes in it for it to still be called a romance: multiple rape attempts, forced seduction, a witch trial, and a drowning. And yet, at the heart of the story, it really is focused on the growing love between Padraic and Moira and the love lost and recovered between Liam and Moira. Sixth Day Of The Moon is an intriguing tale of lovers torn apart and reunited. Itís neither a simple-minded nor quick read, but absorbing nonetheless.


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