Release Date: April 1, 2008


Sins of the Night by Devyn Quinn

Kith & Kinn, Book 2


Erotic Vampire

ISBN: 978-0-7582-2018-9

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Adrien Roth wants vengeance. He wants compensation. He wants Devon Carnavorn and his family annihilated from the face of this Earth. And he is the vampire to do such a foul deed, after all, Devon is the reason he is now a Kinn instead of a Shadow Stalker.  A century ago, Adrien was caught and imprisoned by Devon and his lover and turned against his will.  Nothing and no one is going to stop his revenge and his revenge is so near he can taste it, until he comes face to face with a mortal named Cassie Wilson.  Cassie gives Adrien a new outlook on life and makes him question his quest for Devonís demise.

Cassie Wilson is rich and beautiful, just not lucky in love.  When her latest boyfriend roughs her up when she refuses him a loan, her rescuer comes in the form of Adrien Roth.  Adrien is sinfully handsome and in Cassieís mind, drool worthy. She isnít looking for forever, that isnít going to happen Ė the doctors have told her so.  But she is looking for right now and strives to bend Adrien to her will. Her hard work pays off and their passion knows no bounds.  When the smoke clears, Cassie and Adrien find themselves in a predicament.  It seems that the man who never wanted past one night now wants forever; the one thing Cassie is unable to give him.  Or is she?

The warning on the back of Sins of the Night states, ďWARNING! This is a really hot book.Ē They werenít lying.  Adrien Roth was sensual enough that even I wanted to be his lover.  I understood his need for revenge but I also wanted him to have a mate that loved him and that mate was Cassie, no matter that she was a human.  Life had dealt both of these characters a hand of cards that they werenít all that thrilled to have but I like how each took charge and lived each and every moment. 

Sins of the Night is the second book of the Kith & Kinn series and is connected to Sins of the Flesh.  I havenít read Sins of the Flesh yet but this did not matter in the least. I was able to enjoy Sins of the Night completely.  Sins of the Night was erotic, dark, and captivating.  I didnít put it down and Devyn Quinn is now on my author radar!


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