Sideways Glance by Camille Anthony

Christmas Cookies

Changeling Press

Interracial, BBW, Christmas, Seasonal Themes

ISBN: 978-1-59596-788-6

Reviewed by Jo



Cheryl Dixon is shopping for fruit on Juneteenth and sees the sexiest blond man ever.  She's been slightly depressed since her grandmother passed away, but Cheryl instantly decides that this yummy man, with his shy looks, is the perfect way to change her mood.  Now to make her move.  Paul (Paulostro míAlyia) knows he wants Cheryl the minute he sees her and does what he thinks will attract her attention.  Boy, does it ever work! Their afternoon is filled with mind-blowing sex.  The next day Paul is gone and Cheryl feels played Ė until Kwanzaa and a knock on her door.  What to her wondering eyes does she see, but an angry daddy and a very pregnant Paul.  Just who was played?

I just have to say that if you donít laugh your way through Sideways Glance, there is something seriously wrong.  Cheryl is a big, beautiful black woman who canít resist the allure of Paul one summer afternoon.  Paul is a man with a secret, but he knows Cheryl has to be in his life and goes for it.  The result is miscommunication, hurt on both sides, and a mad-capped meeting of the parties to sort everything out.  I honestly donít know anyone who could have done this plot with the same punch as Camille Anthony.  Sideways Glance will have you holding your sides from laughter.  Itís a fun and sexy meeting of opposites, in many, many ways that you will want to read.


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