Shipwreck Bay by A. J. Llewellyn

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M/M Multiple Partners

Reviewed by Ley



Marek broke a cardinal rule and betrayed his loverís trust. Wanting to make it up to him, Marek arranges for a romantic trip for him and Dragan.  Visiting the beautiful Greek Islands, Dragan tries hard to not snipe and ruin the trip. He knows he still loves Marek, but forgiving him his indiscretions is proving to be difficult.  Knowing it would kill him to lose Dragan, Marek makes one last ditch effort to try to put things right between him and Dragan again.

Shipwreck Bay is smokiní hot!  A sexy black Irish, a Greek god, and gorgeous pirates make quite a stimulating read.  Marek has a lot of apologizing to do and flowers are not going to cut it.  His actions caused Dragan to doubt himself and his appeal to be enough for his lover.  Marek puts it all on the line to give Dragan reason to believe in them and himself again.  Shipwreck Bay is a very erotic story and although Marekís methods of apologizing to Dragan are a bit unconventional, how much he loves and needs Dragan is very obvious.


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