Shifter: Stefanís Mark by Jaden Sinclair

Amira Press

Erotic Werewolf Romance

ISBN: 978-1-934475-60-7

Reviewed by Jo



Stefan Draeger, a werewolf, knew he should stay away from the place and people who killed his father, but he just had to go back one more time.  That night had its good points and bad ones.  The bad was being captured. The good was he found his mate.  However, she was too young to claim, but Stefan knew that he would be able to find her when she is old enough.    Sidney Martin had no idea who the boy was in her basement, but she would never forget that kiss.  Now many years later, Sidney is rebelling in small ways from her father and the smothering world he has kept her in.  It's why she was in that bar that night.

Stefan has waited to claim his mate. Now he has found her and nothing -- not even Sidney -- is going to stop him.  The timing could be better as Stefan is coming in to his heat cycle.  In his mind, there is no time to waste.  Sidney, on the other hand, has her own ideas of courtship and nothing, absolutely nothing Stefan has done or is doing is on her list.  Well, maybe his kisses.  When the desperate and the stubborn clash, can the outcome be happily ever after?

Shifter: Stefanís Mark describes the bumpy courtship and mating of a werewolf and his human mate.  Sidney didnít understand anything that went on in her house that night, but she has never been able to forget the boy who made her a promise.  Stefan found his mate when she was too young and had to bide his time until she grew up.  I found Stephan and Sidneyís mating and their dancing around each other both erotic and humorous at times.  I couldnít help but smile as Sidney gave Stefan a bad time.  Sometimes an alpha personality needs to be shown just what the word compromise means.  For a time, I was afraid that either or both would give up, but in the end, it just bought them firmly into a happily ever after.  Shifter: Stefanís Mark is a fun book that I would recommend to any werewolf lovers.  I canít wait until the next book in the series comes out.


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