Sheer’s Choice by Jade Buchanan

The Pridelands, Book 3

Changeling Press

M/M, paranormal

ISBN: 978-1-59596-848-7

Reviewed by Raine



The search continues for Achan with some new blood from the Tigris pride having arrived to help the Leos. A Tigris were made to scent and track. With new search members comes new hope in finding Achan safe. But with the new hope comes a new set of issues and maybe a new set or mates…or maybe a mate trio.

Jade Buchanan has once again crafted a wonderful tale in Sheer’s Choice. Not only does Sheer’s Choice have a bit of chaos mixed with super hot love scenes, but it also contains suspense and will have you twisting a lock of hair as you read about her wonderful pride characters. What a wonderful installment in the Pridelands series I am anxiously awaiting the next.


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