Shadow of a Wolf by Jex Morrow

Ellora’s Cave

Contemporary Shapeshifter (M/M)

ISBN: 978-1-419-91465-2

Reviewed by Sabella



The night Jack Reed lost his friend Martin Winter his world came crashing down.  Not only did Jack lose the man he considered his best friend, as they both share the same secret – that of being were-wolves, but Jack also lost the man he had come to love.

Now, two years later Martin shows up full of fear and mistrust after being kidnapped by unknown men.  Or so Jack thinks, but Martin has more secrets than he can handle.  Martin needs to trust someone and it might just be Jack who is full of unconditional love and passion.

As their relationship blooms, in spite of Martin’s skittishness, Martin finds treachery within the FBI – which is supposed to protect him as one of its own, making Jack the only solid thing in Martin’s life.

Shadow of a Wolf is an interesting shape-shifter tale that weaves romance and action thought out its plot.  Martin is nervous, distrustful and leery of his relationship with Jack, but as Jack proves himself to Martin everything changes – including Martin’s reluctant acceptance of Jack’s love.  Jack, on the other hand, is a man certain of himself, his passions and most importantly of Martin, which bridges the gap between the men when Martin’s distrust comes into play.  Shadow of a Wolf is first and foremost a romance, rather than an erotic or action book – which makes for lots of emotional descriptions while the action; the shape-shifting and the sex take a back seat.  That said, this tale is interesting and charming with its unique characters since neither Jack nor Martin fall into set molds.  The emotional journey that we make with Martin and Jack is touching and emotionally satisfying in the end.  From the very first interaction between Martin and Jack it is obvious that they belong together and when they come together – the experience is as moving and romantically touching!  Shadow of a Wolf will catch your attention and pull you into the story from the start; pick it up the next time you go shopping for an angsty and romantic read.


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