Serenity by D. Renee Bagby

Gezane Universe

Samhain Publishing

Fantasy Romance

ISBN: 1-59998-898-4

Reviewed by Tanya



Melchoir is King of the Bhresyas, a demon-looking group of humanoids, who come in many colors and with many different horn placements.  They live longer than regular humans and he has tired of the wars that are taking place between his race and the humans on a constant basis.  So he proposes a truce.  To do this, the daughter of the Queen will become his bride upon her eighteenth birthday.

Serenity, the Queen’s daughter, has spent her entire life preparing for her role as Melchoir’s Queen.  She has attended special classes to help her not only learn about ruling, but also about the history and ways of the Bhresyas people.  Many might be frightened by this prospect, but Serenity has always embraced her future and is looking forward to it.

But Melchoir is convinced that his marriage should be in name only.  He is convinced that his people will never truly accept her as their Queen and they definitely would not accept any of their offspring.  This becomes a huge problem as Serenity has fallen in love with hum.  In the end, will he push her away?  Will their enemies take advantage of their separation?  More importantly, will Mechoir admit his love before it is too late and all is lost?

Serenity was a very intriguing story and view of the author's newly created universe.  In this realm, both humans and other species live and interact together.  I thoroughly enjoyed D. Renee’s writing and look forward to seeing more stories in this series in the future.  There is humor as well as devotion and ultimately love in this story.  The story intrigued me from the synopsis through the final pages. I kept wondering if Melchoir would stay a jerk or if he would finally see the real Serenity and his feelings.  If you are a big fan of fantasy romances, then Serenity might just be the next book you want to pick up.


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