Satisfaction Guaranteed by Charlene Teglia

St. Martin’s Griffin

Erotic Contemporary

ISBN: 978-0-312-36945-3

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



‘Hard Match’

Rachel Law is discontent.  After finally achieving the promotion she has always wanted, in a job that she used to love, she feels as if her life is adrift and she is just floating by.  When her friend, Sabrina, suggests an erotic get-a-way using The Capture Agency, Rachel is intrigued.  Evidently The Capture Agency caters to those men who have dominant tendencies and that is just what Rachel needs.  She wants to let go of the control that she has a hard time relinquishing and figures for one weekend she can have as much sex as she wants and then walk away.  Rachel hasn’t met Chase Hunter. 

From the moment they meet over a conference room table, Rachel and Chase desire each other.  Now all he has to do is capture her as they have planned.  Dominant tendencies aside, Chase is unsure if what he is feeling is real or just something he feels caught up in the moment and it scares him.  Of course, there is that tiny little fact that he is the owner of The Capture Agency as well…

I loved Hard Match.  I found Chase to be the ultimate genius and bad boy.  Who wouldn’t? He is the reason The Capture Agency is in existence and I found myself tickled when his friend Mark set him up like he did.  Rachel started out just wanting a good time and it took about 12 hours for her to realize that Chase just might be the man for her.  Hard Match was sinfully delicious and beyond tempting. 


‘The Perfect Stranger’

Sabrina Daniels has always had a certain fantasy.  She wants to be kidnapped on the high seas by a pirate and held captive while her kidnapper has his wicked way with her.  Not realistic in this day and age, but it could happen and it does when she goes to The Capture Agency to have her dreams fulfilled.  She doesn’t count on falling for her older but incredibly sexy kidnapper nor does she count on her favorite fantasy being played out like her favorite book.  It seems Sabrina isn’t the only one with secrets.

Kane Woods is not a small man.  When he sees Sabrina for the first time he immediately worries about her small stature.  Well, he worries for about five minutes until the tiny dynamo that is Sabrina knocks his socks off.  Kane is torn between telling Sabrina his real name and telling her that he wants to see more of her.  When she inadvertently becomes too nosy for her own good and finds out his pseudonym, Kane hopes that she will let him explain.  If, that is, he can find her.

I think The Perfect Stranger is my favorite novella of the entire novel.  Kane was used to people thinking less of him because of his chosen profession so therefore, he felt he needed to hide who he was and what he did from Sabrina.  Of course, Sabrina was unlike anyone Kane had ever met and she rocked his world from the minute she asked permission to come aboard his boat.  Their chemistry was hot enough to scorch the pages of this book and more than once I read their antics wide-eyed!


‘Ex Marks the Spot’

Hearing her friends at work talk about The Capture Agency, Emma Michaels can’t help but be interested.  She and her husband of sixteen years have been separated for weeks and Emma thinks it is time for her to get on with her life.  When she and the man who is to capture her meet, sparks fly and Emma is amazed at their chemistry.  And they do have chemistry – sixteen years worth.

Gage Michaels can’t look a gift horse in the mouth.  Agreeing to be the match for Emma is like a blessing from above because otherwise he couldn’t make her listen to his side of the story.  Unlike what Emma thinks, Gage still loves her and has never cheated.  With her blindfolded and all his for the night, Gage plans to make Emma see that there is no one else he wants in his life but her and if that doesn’t work, he’ll just keep her tied up until she realizes he means what he says.

Ex Marks the Spot was a story of new beginnings and forgiveness.  Gage worked very hard his entire married life so that he could measure up to high standards and feel worthy of Emma.  Emma, on the other hand, only wanted Gage for who he was – the man she loved and adored above all others.  Love like theirs comes very rarely and I melted inside when they were able to finally be the couple and partners each of them craved. 


Talk about fantasy island.  Each novella in Satisfaction Guaranteed comes complete with a sexy kidnapper and the woman who is his best match.  The men are sensual and the women desire them.  A perfect combination that just works in the pages of this novel.  I laughed, melted, shook my head, and fanned myself.  If this book was any hotter I would have needed a new air conditioner.  If you are a lover of closely written novellas or if you just like three really great stories, then Satisfaction Guaranteed is not to be missed!


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