Roll Play by Rowan West

Elloraís Cave

Contemporary Romance

ISBN: 9781419912177

Reviewed by Tanya



Griffin was Amaraís first love, and the man who has kept possession of her heart, though she hasnít seen him since she was a teenager.  He is still the starring man in her fantasies and the hero of her books.  While she is in love with her fantasy man she is still moving along in life.  She is an accomplished writer, in fact her latest book has been picked up as a screenplay in Hollywood.  She heads off for another adventure.  But, she is stunned when she finds Griffin is the head of the studio that has optioned her book.  The boy she remembers from all of the D&D games has definitely turned into the man who is worthy of her fantasies.  But is it only a game for Griffin? Because Amara is playing for keeps.

Griffin has never forgotten the sister of his best friend growing up.  In fact he has a plan to become successful and then find her.  Now all of the planning is finally coming to fruition.  He has studied not only business but also magic and plans to present Amara with everything he has become in hopes his former D&D role-playing friend will become his life mate.

Roll Play is an interesting concept in a story.  You have your typical boy meets girl, girl has crush on boy when they are teenagers.  But the twist here is that the boy also had a crush on the girl though it was his best friendís little sister.  But, he has a plan and sticks by it to set things in motion for them to be together.  This made Ms. West spend a good amount of time planning how this could be possible and I think she achieved what she set out to do.  The D&D game play in the beginning and end of the book was a fun touch for those who grew up in the 70ís and will make you laugh.  Add to this the fact Ms. West can write a steamy sexual encounter and you have a winning story in Roll Play.


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