Rock My World by Gayle Eden

Alinar Publishing

Contemporary Romance

Reviewed by Tanya



Raelyn left home to pursue her dreams of becoming a rock/blues singer years ago.  She followed the promises of a man who is long gone, but she has never come home as she hasnít forgiven her father for not supporting her when she wanted to pursue music.  Now she has been summoned home to help her twin brother who has managed to break both of his legs in a rodeo accident.  She's tough-as-nails persona, but dreads facing her father as the failure that he predicted she would be.

Hud became Kendallís right hand man when his children (Ty and Raelyn) off and left the ranch to pursue their own lives.  Not that he wanted or asked for the job, but through time, it seems that it has sucked him in.  He is surprised to see what Raelyn looks like and her attitude when he picks her up in Las Vegas to bring her home.  She is nothing like the woman that he remembered or thought of when looking at all the PI reports that her father commissioned.  One thing is for sure, she rocks his world, but he wonít play second fiddle to anyone, even memories.

Hud challenges Raelyn to determine what she really wants out of life, and what she is willing to do to get that.

Rock My World is a wonderful story about going home again. In this case, it is going home and learning what is really important in life and when to forgive and move on.  I think Ms. Eden did a great job in putting together characters that you not only care for, but whose dilemmas you understand. It was easy to see where they were coming from, and where (and how) their opinions were formed. Let me tell you, Ms. Eden can write a seriously erotic scene between two lovers. This book deals with a lot and still has a building romance and some hot sex.  I enjoyed Rock My World and think you will also.


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