Riding The Wolf by Carol Lynne

Tricks and Treats

Elloraís Cave

M/M Shape-shifter

ISBN: 9781419911095

Reviewed by Ley



Next in line to be Alpha of his pack, Eli Withers did what was expected of him.  He married someone he didnít love and allowed Daylon, his true mate to walk out of his life.  Fifteen years later, Daylon has returned to the pack and with his marriage now over, Eli vows to never let his mate out of his life again.

Daylon Glover loves Eli with his entire being.  When his future Alpha and mate married another out of belief that the pack would not accept a gay Alpha, Daylon knew he couldnít stay.  Fifteen years was a long time to be away from the man he loves, Daylon returns home with no expectations for him and Eli, but he knew Eliís face was the first one he wanted to see upon his return.

I wasnít totally captivated by Riding The Wolf.  Itís an okay story, but I felt it moved way to quickly.  I know the two heroes have a past and this is a rekindling of an old flame type story, but I still felt it needed more build up than what was given.  As the story progressed and Daylon and Eli were forced to face the pack and fight for their love and Eliís right to be Alpha I began to become a bit more engrossed with Riding The Wolf. For readers looking for strong characters and hot erotic sex, they will certainly find it in Riding The Wolf.


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