Redemption by Keira Ramsay

Terran Realm

Liquid Silver Books

Sci-Fi Romance

ISBN 1-59578-332-6

Reviewed by Ley



Terran Donovan Callahan, of the Protector and Earth Element clans, knows the time has come for something to be done to protect the Earth and its inhabitants, and it is up to him to make that first step.  For Donovan, the first step is finding the Kennedy Clan and the Warden of the Sorhineth book and go from there.  When he encounters Brenna Kennedy, he finds a lot more than he was expecting.

Brenna has preconceived notions about Terrans and when Donovan shows up right around the time her home is trashed, hes dealt the brunt of her temper.  Even though Brenna doesn't buy into all that surrounds the Sorhineth, she takes her obligation to protect it very serious and nobody, no matter how big and handsome, is going to take it from her without a fight.

Redemption is a very detailed and highly involved story with great characters. Donovan is terrific, and he and Brenna make a very fun and entertaining pair.  Some of the situations these two fell into had me anxious and on the edge of my seat.  I love strong female characters who still maintain their femininity. Plus, the strong sexual attraction between these two added to the intensity of the story.  My being a Kennedy from Boston put a personal spin on the story for me.  Redemption is fast-paced, exciting, and well worth reading.


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