Quod Tam Sitio by A.M. Riley

Torquere Press

M/M Contemporary Erotica

ISBN: 978-1-60370-304-8, 1-60370-304-7

Reviewed by Ley



Georgeís life is happy.  Heís an Anglican Priest who enjoys what he does especially directing the gay male choir.  Music and the church fulfills a big part of his life, the only thing missing from it is someone to love.  He finds himself drawn to a beautiful, mysterious stranger who shares his passion for music and has a voice of an angel.  George will quickly learn that, Dominick is definitely not an angel.

The music is what drew Dominick to George, but itís the beauty and kindness of the young priest that binds Dominick to him.  Dominick knows he has no place in Georgeís life and the secrets of his life could be very deadly for both George and himself.

Quod Tam Sitio is a moving story of two men who are so different from one another, but they share a common passion.  They have a love for music and a developing love for each other.  Even with their common passions, George and Dominickís differences threaten to destroy them.  One is a man of God, whose life is filled with light and goodness.  The other is locked in a world of evil and darkness and his love for George is a betrayal to the one who created him.  Quod Tam Sitio is a beautifully written story filled with violence, sadness and despair as these two men travel a torturous path to find love and happiness with one another.


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