Queen of Carnage by Michael Barnette

Loose Id

BDSM/ Futuristic

ISBN: 978-1-59632-636-1

Reviewed by Indy



As an alien threat sends humans to seek out the supernatural beings they have tried to destroy, Jozef, the Prince of Blood is asked once again to be the diplomat who works through the negotiations. Hesitant because of their dark history, he still goes at the urging of his lover Tigress, a shifter whose skills on the battlefield are renowned and a female soldier that leaves males quaking in their boots.  Things go from bad to worse when the humans kidnap Jozef and the resulting rampage will be one for the history book. One that wonít end until Tigressí lover is safely back in her arms.

I must admit to normally shying away from books where women take on the dominant role. So that is why I found it interesting that Tigress, Tygon commander of the Queen of Carnage was a character I actually liked. Her relationship with her vampire lover Jozef seemed a little playful even if it was also a little painful in the good sort of way. In a story that was simple and to the point, Mchael Barnetteís heroine took no prisoners as she risked wiping out an entire planet if thatís what it took to get the man she loved back. Outside of what seemed like a conventional ending this is a great story that readers Iím sure will find delicious.


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