Psyche by Aislinn Kerry

Loose Id

Paranormal Romance

ISBN: 978-1-59632-691-0

Reviewed by Shayna



Psyche has a secret.  For months now, the beautiful starlet has been falling in love with a man she only knows as E.  The trouble is Psyche and E have never met, only communicated via text message.  Even so, Psyche is closer to E than any man she has ever met.  Finally, when the two are able to meet, E has one rule: she cant actually see him.  Under the cloak of darkness, the two become lovers.  Curiosity soon gets the better of Psyche and with one simple act she breaks Es trust.  To win him back, Psyche will have to risk it all in the name of love.

Psyche is a red-hot new take on the mythological tale of Eros and Psyche and it is fantastic.  As a fan of the classical story, I was eager to read Aislinn Kerrys book.  I found myself utterly entranced by the tale.  E was one luscious hero and Psyche made a charming heroine.  Ms. Kerry blends mythology with the modern world in a way that makes the whole story feel fresh and new, while at the same time she delighted me with the elements of the tale I remember.  If I had one request, it would only be for slightly more backstory on how Psyche and E found each other.  That being said, I found Psyche to be a sizzling, romantic read that would enchant Aphrodite herself.


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