Protecting Angel by Ruby Christine

Mojocastle Press

Contemporary Romance

Reviewed by Ley



Sidelined from wrestling by injury, Kerry Vanders takes a bodyguard position protecting the daughter of Hollywood Producer JC Capwell.  Quite spoiled and used to her privileged upbringing, Anna Capwell is not very good at following orders.  For Kerry, protecting one defiant daughter is hard enough, but when Angel, the younger Capwell daughter, comes home and takes a special interest in Kerry, he finds he may be the one in need of a bodyguard.

Protecting Angel is okay, although it is heavy on the melodrama.  Normally I donít have a problem with books that are a bit too extreme in attempts at drama or humor, but the over dramatization combined with character stereotyping made it difficult for me to enjoy this book.  I was bothered by the sensationalized stereotypical description of the housekeeper and I found the daughters to be exasperating.  I also could not get a good feel of the chemistry between the two couples, even though I did like Ruby Christineís thought process behind it.  Looking at the positive, I did like the closeness of Kerry and his family and how they looked out for one another.  For readers who enjoy high melodrama, Protecting Angel would be a good book choice for them.


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