Playing with Fire: The Knight of Wands by Kiernan Kelley

Torquere Press

Gay Erotic Romance

ISBN: 978-1-60370-300-0, 1-60370-300-4

Reviewed by Cassie



Marcus has been performing in the circus for nearly his whole life.  As a clown and high-wire juggler, he entertains the crowd and honors his circus performer parents.  When he is injured in a high-wire accident, however, he has to give up performing for a while.  His best friend Jericho, part owner of the circus, insists Marcus stay with him until he’s better.  Staying with Jericho is great, especially after Jericho tells Marcus the secret he’s been keeping, but there’s still danger lurking…

Playing with Fire packs quite a punch for its length!  The story is alternately sweet, hot, sad, and suspenseful.  I really enjoyed reading about circus life.  Both Marcus and Jericho are likeable and sympathetic characters.  Jericho’s willingness to take care of his injured friend is sweet, and I loved Marcus’ reaction to finding out how Jericho felt.  The suspense angle of the story adds a lot of emotion.   Overall, Playing with Fire is an entertaining read with a lot to offer. 


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