Phantom Desires by Gabrina Garza

Amber Heat

Historical Erotica

ISBN: 978-1-60272-251-4

Reviewed by Ley



Scarred and disfigured by flames that destroyed his home, Erik du Sable lives in seclusion with just his devoted servant Marcus to nurse him back to health.  For five years, Erik hid himself away from the woman he loved. Now he wants his life and the love of his life Kasare Montez back.  But Erik fears that whomever set out to destroy him five years ago may return to finish the job and hurt Kasare in the process.

Kasare has mourned Erik for the past five years.  Shes tried her best to move on, but her heart and soul belong to Erik. 

Phantom Desires is pretty good. It has multiple subplots and very intriguing characters.  Ive never seen Phantom of the Opera, for which I assume this story is loosely based, but after reading this, Im sure I would enjoy it.  Although Erik and Kasare are the main focus of the story, I found myself more drawn to Marcus, Tippy, and James. I found their characters interesting, especially Marcus.  Gabrina Garza did a great job with this story and she definitely knows how to create a villain, too. Jean Luc Honore was one nasty character.  Phantom Desires has rekindled and unrequited love, romance, mystery, suspense, and erotic passion adding to the sheer goodness of the story to make it a very intriguing read.


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