Passing Memories by Elizabeth Jewell

Memories, Book 4

Changeling Press

Vampire Paranormal (M/M)

ISBN: 978-1-59596-862-3

Reviewed by Sabella



Alex and Liam have reached a tentative balance in their relationship after all the turbulent events in the past.  However, just when they are feeling a little settled, Alex receives a call that dredges up his painful past and forces him to deal with his father.  Meanwhile, Liam receives a visit from his maker, whom Liam believed dead these past centuries.  Each man struggles to come to terms with all the emotions these events stir up will they let these events tear them apart or bring them closer together?

Passing Memories is an angst filled tale that continues the story of Alex and Liam.  This time, Alex must deal with all the feelings that his father brings up, which leaves him feeling drained.  Liam is blindsided by a visitor from his past who dredges up his darkest memories. While the story evokes feelings of anguish and overwhelming paralysis, its redeeming quality is the faith and strength that Liam and Alex find in each other.  Passing Memories is an angsty read full of dark emotions and emotional sex.


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