Paranormal Mates Society Volume 1 by Willa Okati, Lacey Savage, Rachel Bo, and Dakota Cassidy

Paranormal Mates Society

Changeling Press

Erotic Paranormal Romance

ISBN: 978-1-59596-811-1

Reviewed by Cassie



“Matchmaker’s Match” by Willa Okati

Satan, aka “Scratch,” is bored stuck down in hell, so he decides to amuse himself.  He creates the Paranormal Mates Society to match paranormal beings up with their least compatible mates so he can wreak a little havoc.  All hell breaks loose when the trickster Loki shows up and an unknown enemy sends in an angel.  What will happen when three men with very different agendas meet?

“Matchmaker’s Match” was chock-full of the humor and hotness I’ve come to expect from Willa Okati.  I really enjoyed watching the sparks fly when the Devil, an angel, and a trickster god get together.  The only disappointment for me was that although the story is smoking hot, it’s not really romantic.


“Finders Keepers” by Lacey Savage

Claudia Foster, daughter of a clairvoyant and a telepath, has spent years becoming a successful treasure hunter.  She finds and recovers antiquities for her clients all over the world.  Normally she has no trouble not mixing business with pleasure, until her latest assignment sends her after a genie’s lamp.  In Egypt, she meets the enigmatic, sexy Xander, who she is sure knows the location of the lamp.  Will Claudia be able to get the lamp without losing the man of her dreams?

“Finders Keepers” featured a very yummy genie hero.  I liked Xander and sympathized with his distrust of people.  The sex scenes were hot as well.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t keen on Claudia.  She went on and on about separating business from pleasure, yet she didn’t do what she said she was going to.  I didn’t particularly care for the way she treated Xander, and her remorse came too little, too late for me. 


“Long Tall Furry” by Rachel Bo

A very long time ago, Sinna’s ancestor angered an Amazon witch, leaving her family cursed.  Now Sinna spends her time in two forms—one human and one Amazon fire serpent.  Her body builds heat, which she has to dissipate using water.  She also has attacks of sexual desire so intense she has to satisfy it right away when it strikes.  Because of the curse, Sinna gave up on ever finding someone to spend her life with.  Then her sisters goad her into joining the Paranormal Mates Society and she is drawn to the profile of “Longtallfurry,” a Yeti.  Can there be any future for two such opposite species?

“Long Tall Furry” is the first Yeti story I’ve read, and I quite enjoyed it!  I liked the tough but secretly lonely Sinna, and Goss (the Yeti) was a great match for her.  With a fire-and-ice match and some very spicy sex, “Long Tall Furry” makes for an unusual and fun read.


“Chunkybuttfunky” by Dakota Cassidy

Cadence Cranston, a vampire and nighttime DJ for a radio station, has had trouble finding a good man.  Her friend Pam suggests she try online dating, so she checks out the Paranormal Mates Society.  Unfortunately, she gets nowhere—until she sees the profile of “Ilikeminerare,” a werewolf who’s so hot she decides to send him an email.  He responds, and seems interested, but he only wants to meet other werewolves.  Cadence decides one little white lie won’t hurt, but what will she do when her little white lie spins out of control?

“Chunkybuttfunky” puts a paranormal twist on the tried and true “little white lie” storyline.  As a full-figured black vampire, Cadence made an unusual heroine.  She was also very funny, especially when she was berating herself for lying.  Collin (aka Ilikeminerare) is a man of many secrets himself.  Watching two people who had held back a lot from each other try to go from blindingly hot sex to something more real was definitely entertaining.


With shifters, a genie, a vampire, and even the devil himself, Paranormal Mates Society, Vol. 1 provides a wide variety of stories.  While I enjoyed some of the stories more than others, all are hot.  If you’d like to see what happens when paranormal creatures try to find their mates, Paranormal Mates Society, Vol. 1 is an amusing way to find out!


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