Only You by Laura Glenn

Cerridwen Press

Time Travel Romance (Historical)

ISBN: 9781419914843

Reviewed by Tanya



Kaitlyn McCann is finishing up her research for her PhD in History when she has an unreal experience.  It appears that she has been transported back in time to the period she was just studying.  Not only that, but one of the men she most admired in her studies turns out to be the Adonis in front of her.  What is a shy aspiring professor to do?  For one thing, she will absorb all that she can around her and try to adapt to her new surroundings.  What she can’t reconcile are the lustful feelings she is continually having with Captain O’Connor (aka the Adonis).  But in this revolutionary era, how does one tell if the other has romantic, or at least lustful, feelings?

Captain O’Connor is widely known for not living up to his Irish temper.  In fact, he is known for his control and calmness in distressing situations.  These traits are part of what make him a great captain in the Revolutionary Army.  The problem is that all of this control flies out the window when the time-traveling Katie is anywhere near him.  How can he let her know any of this, when he could be killed in battle, or she could be sent away from him in time travel, just the way she appeared?  He is convinced if she survives the war, then he will tell her.  But what is a red-blooded man to do when he is confronted by a lusty woman?

Only You was a fantastic time travel story.  I am intrigued by the Revolutionary War period in general and the tie-in with this story was wonderful.  Ms. Glenn added just the right amount of concern and wonder with her characters and about how they came to be together.  I also have to say: she can write a seriously hot and erotic scene.  Sit back, find a nice cup of your favorite beverage, and be prepared to be thrown back into time along with Kaitlyn as you get involved with Only You.


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