One Sinful Night by Kaitlin OíRiley

Zebra Books

Historical Romance

ISBN: 978-0-8217-8093-X

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Aidan Kavanaugh and Vivienne Montgomery were still teenagers when scandal erupted concerning their love affair.  Ten years later, emotions are still raw and while they have not set sight upon each other until now, Aidan and Vivienne canít help but remember the wonderful summer they shared and the love that they made.  But, for Aidan, remembering comes with a high price.  He remembers the betrayal and hurt of finding Vivienne in anotherís arms.  Vivienne remembers Aidanís refusal to believe in her innocence.  So much has happened since these lovers were torn apart but one thing remains the same; their desire for each other has yet to wane. 

Talk about mistakes and jumping to conclusions.  While I didnít envy Vivienne her feelings for Aidan, I honestly wondered why she would still love him.  He was horrible to her to the point of abuse and I almost put One Sinful Night down more than once because of this.  But I didnít. Something kept telling me to continue reading and I am glad that I did so.  Aidan had spent his younger years watching his father and mother argue and fight.  Things like that scar a person and his being a young bystander probably influenced his feelings of betrayal more than most.  Vivienne was young and didnít know how to handle Aidanís mother.  Had she been able to, lots of things would not have happened, i.e., their breakup. 

Just what I wanted in a historical romance, One Sinful Night by Kaitlin OíRiley was a good read.  While I was not that fond of Aidan to start with, he kind of grew on me.  Historical romance is one of my favorite genres to read and One Sinful Night kept me entertained.  I look forward to investigating further novels written by this talented author. 


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