One Night Only by Marteeka Karland

Executive Decisions

Changeling Press

Paranormal, Ménage a Trois

ISBN: 978-1-59596-998-9

Reviewed by:  Vivian



When Sophie is given a vacation as a gift by the woman who practically raised her, she cannot refuse.  Mrs. Grinnich sends Sophie on a vacation with an escort from Executive Decisions.  When Sophie gets to her destination, she ends up with two escorts.  The escorts turn out to by Mrs. Grinnich’s sexy twin grandsons, who happen to be wizards.  Sophie has had a crush on both of them since she was a little girl.

When Raven and Hawk are given the assignment, they try to refuse.  But they have never refused their grandmother.  When they realize that the woman they are supposed to escort is Sophie, they have one night only to reveal their true feelings for her and try to win her over.

One Night Only has very entertaining characters and a really fun storyline.  Sophie, Hawk and Raven are wonderful and very well written characters.  You can feel their desire for each other, even though they fight it at first.  One Night Only should be a whole series.  I really enjoyed it!


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