One Lucky Fucking Redneck by Sean Michael

Torquere Press

Erotic M/M Ménage Romance

Reviewed by Nannette



One day, Rig is in a bad mood and hiding out in his office so Rock and Dick decide to put on a show for him outside his window. Another day, after Rig loses a patient, Rock and Dick help him forget his worries by giving him something much better to concentrate on- them! On a different beautiful sunny afternoon, Rig is sunning himself on their deck thinking this is about as good as it gets, but then his men show up and his day gets even better and hotter! Whether Rig is in a bad mood, looking for some comfort or just unwinding, Rock and Dick are always willing to give him what he needs over and over and over again.

One Lucky Fucking Redneck is all about Rock and Dick making Rig feel good. They do a fine job too. The show they put on for him is HOT. Rig is one lucky redneck. Rock and Dick are ten kinds of sexy. One Lucky Fucking Redneck is one erotic scene after another but it also shows how much Rock and Dick love Rig. It’s hot and romantic.  


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