One Angelís Wish by Kira Stone

Samhain Publishing

Paranormal/Comedy Romance

ISBN: 1-59998-535-7

Reviewed by Tanya



Chris has been a Guardian Angel for nine years now.  His salary is paid in wishes, though he has yet to cash one in.  In fact, he seems to have a file cabinet drawer full of them but, he has never wanted to spend one on ďcloud 9Ē and hasnít seen a need for another use.  No one ever anticipated that someone would compile them and not use them.  So when he accidentally activated four of them at once, to help out Geena who is an ANT (Angel in Training), no one anticipated the chain reaction that was set into place.

Geena has managed to lose her mentor on her first day and now she has managed to get her mouth sealed by taking the Lordís name in vain.  How to unseal it, well you have to use a wish.  Too bad she doesnít have one but, Chris jumps to her rescue and tries to give her one.  This sets off the chain of events that reveals that Chris has enough wishes to take over heaven if he wants.  Too bad that is not what he wants, so now what to do.  Add to this the fact that he is feeling lust, for the first time in nine years, and for Geena who probably will only think he is a creep.  This is just turning out to so not be his day, and it had started out so well with him saving a soul.

One Angelís Wish is one super funny romantic comedy, with some serious desire and fantasy sex thrown in.  Between Ms. Stoneís humorous use of acronyms and how the main female character winds up sealing her mouth shut, and continually having God answer her I was constantly laughing.  I had fun with not only the concept of the Guardian Angelís getting wishes for good deeds, but what could happen when someone doesnít turn them in.  I thoroughly enjoyed the light-hearted nature of One Angelís Wish and think you will also.


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