Nipped by Celia Kyle

Rookery Cove

Changeling Press

Contemporary /Shifter/Ménage Romance

ISBN: 978-1-59596-836-4

Reviewed by Tanya



Katerina (Kat) is looking for another job.  She can’t believe that being compulsively clean actually got her fired from her last job, but she thinks she has found the perfect ad in the paper.  A laboratory is looking for someone to keep one of their labs clean, who better than an obsessive-compulsive cleaner to do the job.  Not only that but it is for a lab that works on aphrodisiacs for shifters.  Being a shifter herself, she has always felt a little out of place with her adopted family and doesn’t really have any friends.

Rookery Cove is looking to corner the market on an aphrodisiac for female feline shifters.  Monty Slade and his partner Will are charged with making this discovery.  But the stress of not successfully finding the formula is starting to take its toll.  Will can’t think with all the clutter and Monty doesn’t want to spend time that should be spent with his “linked” partner, cleaning.  Monty places an ad and hires Kat. 

What will happen when Will and Monty figure out that Kat is just the thing that they both need professionally and personally?  Will Kat be ok that two shifters come as a package deal, and will her cat be able to trust the wolves?

What is a shape-shifting feline to do when all she wants to do is keep her area clean, and not spend any more time in the water than she has to?  Adding into the mix that the two hottest men she has ever seen are her bosses, Kat’s fantasies about them and you get Celia Kyle’s erotic story offering:  Nipped.  Ms. Kyle has created a group of shifters that fit well into the mainstream lifestyles that we live today.  She does a fine job of setting the stage for Kat to find the loves of her life as well as the perfect job.  I had fun reading this fast paced story and think you will also indeed like Nipped.


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