Release Date: March 4, 2008 


Night Life by Caitlin Kittredge

Nocturne City, Book 1

St. Martinís Press

Dark Fantasy

ISBN-13: 978-0-312-94829-0

ISBN-10: 0-312-94829-8

Reviewed by Jo



Luna Wilder is a tough and independent cop who is working a tough city.  She is also an Insoli (lone) werewolf. This makes things even harder as she is learning the ins and outs of being a werewolf day by day.  Luna has been called into investigate some murders which all seem to be ritualistic in nature.   Her investigation is sending Luna into some of the worst parts of her city.

Dmitri Sandovsky is the pack leader of the Redbacks and he is also a serious suspect in the murders.  Dmitri makes Luna mad in one way and also sends her wolf sense into overdrive in the total other way.  Dmitri has his own reasons for wanting the murderer to be found and its not to help out the law or the irritating Luna.

Luna and Dmitri end up working together as the investigation leads to the demon underworld.  A demon has to be called into this world and all paths, and murders, are leading to a magician who is an expert in black magic.  Both Luna and Dmitri are reluctant to do anything about the pull their wolves are feeling, however it turns out that it is that trust and blooming belief in the other that pulls them through the night the demon comes to call.

Night Life was the opening story in the world of Nocturne City.  I was taken pretty quickly with the trouble, independent and above all gutsy Luna.  It seems like she was always on the outside looking in and it didnít change after she became a werewolf.  Rather it got worse.  Dmitri is a tough alpha of his pack with a chip on his shoulder concerning most things.  I was not only intrigued with the world that Nocturne City exists in but also by the circling that Luna and Dmitri do with each other.  I will say upfront that Luna and Dmitri do not have their happy ever after yet, however they have started a rough and tumble relationship and I personally canít wait for the next book in the series to come out so I can see just where that relationship goes.  This couple will keep me on the hook until the end I have a feeling.  Night Life is listed as a dark fantasy and it reminded me of a really well done urban fantasy.  If you are looking for a series that is intriguing, fast paced and keeps you up late turning the pages, then you are looking for Night Life.


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