Nicholas by DJ Manly

Wolf Saga, Book 1

eXtasy Books

Paranormal Romance

ISBN: 1-55410-806-3

Reviewed by Lisa



Adam Lang lives in a grand mansion and has every decadent want or desire met without question.  His family has controlled the city and all the inhabitants for several generations.

Nicholas Ross, or Nico, and his family control the cityís underbelly and hate the Lang family with a passion.  Nico, his family members, lover Blake, and a few others are werewolves, either from a curse or made by a Ross.

Years before Adam or Nicholas were born, Adamís grandfather Stanton made a pact with a demon and cursed Nicholasí grandfather Anton Ross and his future descendants because of jealousy and love.  Nicholas will do whatever it takes to be a human man as he hates being a werewolf.  He needs Adam to break the curse and Adam has no intention of getting close to a Ross.  An additional problem for Nico is that the other werewolves are happy with their strength and immortality.  They will stop at nothing to keep the two men apart or barring that Ė to commit murder, even of their own leader.

Nicholas is very much a mystery suspense tale with a strong unrequited love story skillfully woven together.  Nicholas is a very strong alpha character pitted against a weak yet arrogant Adam whose decisions blow hot or cold depending on the situation he finds himself in.  I did have some trouble getting the beginning clear because the story starts off running and never slows down, but I enjoyed the ride to the finish.  The end leaves you with unanswered questions, but I canít wait to read what happens next.


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