My Vampire Lover by J.P. Bowie


Erotic M/M Vampire Romance

ISBN 978-1-906590-15-4

Reviewed by Nannette



Ron is the manager of an Italian restaurant in Los Angeles. One night just as Ron is closing things down, he sees Jean-Claude at the window. Ron invites him in and they immediately hit it off and end up at Ron’s apartment. Ron is falling for Jean-Claude, even if he is mysteriously absent during the day and never eats. On his way home from the restaurant one night, Ron finds Jean-Claude lying in an alley in a pool of blood. Jean-Claude’s secret is revealed when he must explain how he healed from a seemingly fatal wound.  Ron is less worried about his lover being a vampire than he is about him being attacked. He refuses to let anything happen to Jean-Claude, but can he save him from another attack?

My Vampire Lover was not what I expected. The story was decent but the dialog was poor. I never felt a connection to the characters or drawn into the story. It lacked feeling and emotion. Some of the scenes where Jean-Claude is thinking aloud are better, but over all, My Vampire Lover is not a story I would recommend.  


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