My Silent Heart By Deborah Kinnard

By Grace Publishing

Inspirational Romance

Reviewed by Tori



Diane Marshall is a hardworking woman in the field of construction.  She is a General Contractor, a job with few women workers.  She is called to the small town of DeBrett, Illinois, to rebuild a church.  Diane always gives her all to her projects. Will she give her all to the handsome widower who donated the money to build the church?

Paul Cameron is at the end of his rope. He is tired of life until he gets pinned underneath a backhoe.  The experience leaves him wanting to get more out of life. Paul finds himself spending more and more time with the lovely Diane and he likes what he sees, but how can he get her to trust him? Paul plans on staying the course until she is ready to be with him forever.  He hopes that Diane will make the house he built a home.

My Silent Heart is a touching story of loss and of trust. I enjoyed reading this book very much. Diane and Paul compliment each other so well that even when he is being overprotective; it is for a reason.  They both have to trust that God will take care of them in all that they do.


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