Miss Lonely Hearts by Charlene Teglia

Samhain Publishing

Erotic / Contemporary

ISBN:  1-59998-031-2

Reviewed by Cassie



After being dumped by her second fiancé, Cassandra Adams is tired of men who won’t commit.  She wants to marry and have a family, and then there’s the additional issue of an inheritance that she can’t claim unless she gets married before her twenty-eighth birthday.  She decides to look online for someone who wants to get married, and love will come after. 

Jason Alexander, bartender of the Last Resort in Ketchikan, Alaska, is outraged when he finds out that several of his friends have been duped out of money by a “Miss Lonely Hearts” scammer online.  He’s determined to catch the woman, and when Cassandra emails him he thinks he’s nabbed the con artist.  Will he realize his mistake in time to put things right?

Miss Lonely Hearts is a cute story of personal ads, mistaken identity, and meeting the right person just when you need them.  Although I thought Cassandra was rather foolhardy to go to Alaska to meet a man she’d only known online for a short time, I admired her optimism and refusal to be defeated.  Jason’s loyalty to his friends was admirable as well.  The love scenes between the two of them were hot.  While Miss Lonely Hearts has several tried-and-true themes and elements, Charlene Teglia has combined them to create a story that is charming and fun.  Don’t expect angst and deep conflict, but as a quick, fun read Miss Lonely Hearts is definitely worth a read.


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