Midsummerís Night by Lia Connor

Bardís Tales

Changeling Press

Paranormal Romance

ISBN: 978-1-59596-976-7

Reviewed by Lisa



Midsummerís Night is soon upon them, a time for shifters to find their mate.   Shifters will follow the scent through the air with that unforgettable luscious smell leading a male to his very own mate.  As a Shamaness, Tiana completely understands the significance and the importance of this attraction as this year she will find her mate as well.

As Tiana sits watching the lunch time crowd, a man approaches. His name is Maelwys and he is a stag. From her left comes Puck, an owl, and he is followed soon by Oberon, the lupine who stalks closer as she watches.

Three shifters and one Shamaness equal a very big problem as far as the men are concerned.  None wish to share Tiana with anyone else, including each other.  At first, Tiana fears there will never be a solution for them, only bloodshed, but Tiana has faith that Mother Earth knows what will work out for all of them.  Life is good and now it will be so much better, promise.

Midsummerís Night is a sensuous, sumptuous present with all the trimmings!  Dive right into this delightful and humorous tale of looking for love and finding so much more than one woman bargained for.  Fast pacing, wit, and sizzling encounters make Midsummerís Night a lovely lighthearted look at mate hunting with style.  Fun and flirty with four smart sexy characters makes Midsummerís Night a sweet read indeed.


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