Midnight Rendezvous by Caitlyn Willows

Amber Heat

Contemporary Erotica

ISBN 978-1-60272-249-1

Reviewed By Vicki



Vanessa Morgan enjoyed a good orgasm in the moonlight, especially when she noticed two gorgeous men staring at her from their separate apartments.  Enrique Calderon and Luke Graham became her nightly rendezvous long before a box containing the ingredients for a night at a charity event came to her door.  How will she choose between the two men that she has daydreamed about for so long?  Lucky for her the best friends donít want her to choose, they are men enough to share.

Midnight Rendezvous is a fun read but I would have loved it if it were about three chapters longer.  It had a lot of long teasing pages to get you to the point where they meet, and then lots of teasing pages before they can get home.  What a good way to end a story.


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