Mayan Secrets by Ciar Cullen


Romantic Suspense

ISBN: 1-59998-178-5

Reviewed by:  Vivian



An adventure in the Mayan underworld is exactly what archeologist Tyre “Indiana” Rasmussen is hoping for.  He has found the secret journal of a great explorer but needs the help of an expert. 

Troya Twamley is determined to find out more about the secret journal even if she has to join forces with the unorthodox Tyre and his crazy crew.

Tyre and Troya hope to find the ancient treasure as well as a missing colleague, but soon find a lot more than they bargained for.  As they uncover the secrets of the journal, they discover that love, lust and betrayal are all part of the adventure.

Oh my goodness, I loved Mayan Secrets!  I could not put it down.  I had to force myself to stop reading and go to bed.  If you are an Indiana Jones fan or any kind of adventure junkie, this is the book for you.  It reels you in and keeps your attention from the start with a wisecracking heroine and a dynamic alpha hero.  It has a great balance of romance and fast-paced action.  You will love it.  Mayan Secrets is treasure you will want to keep!


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