Mates by Sean Michael, Julia Talbot, and BA Tortuga

Torquere Press

Gay Paranormal Anthology

ISBN: 978-1-60370-290-4, 1-60370-290-3

Reviewed by Sabella



“Fur and Phobia” by Julia Talbot

Abby has a problem. She sees a dog and she has a panic attack, which is really inconvenient when her job requires that she spend time in people’s yards.  When her therapist recommends that she see dog trainers Aaron and Lee, it changes Abby’s life.

“Fur and Phobia” is a funny and sweet story, all the while steaming you up!  Julia Talbot did a great job with characters who will charm you and burn you up as they come together.


“Running with the Wolf” by Sean Michael

Dibs and Swan are their own little pack, which suits them just fine.  But when they scent a strange wolf in their territory, they go investigate and discover Vicki, who has no clue what she is.  Now, they just need to convince her that were-wolves are real and she is theirs.

“Running with the Wolf” is an off-beat story with unique characters.  Dibs is the proverbial “wild child” who is more wolf, in his innocence and thinking, than man.  Swan and Vicki combined with Dibs are a steamy combination that will heat you up!


“For Life” by BA Tortuga

When they ran away, Melody, Jamie, and Brett went their separate ways.  But as danger begins to stalk Melody, Jamie and Brett come back into her life to protect her, but will they all survive?

“For Life” is an undeniably hot story about childhood friends who have always been something more with enough action and suspense to keep the characters jumping!


Mates is a great collection of m/m/f ménage stories by all time favorites Julia Talbot, Sean Michael, and BA Tortuga.  Each story brings a different take on the werewolf myth and the possibilities on romance between three people.  From past loves to new loves, they all have plenty of sizzle!  Mates is a fun read for a lazy afternoon.


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