Lost Angel by Louisa Trent


Erotic Contemporary

ISBN: 1-59998-236-6

Reviewed by Elysia



Steve has been hired to find a missing painting, and is being paid for his discretion in doing so, which is how he likes it. But when his only suspect is murdered, and the one woman closest to him disappears, his determination to find the work of art doubles, even if it means bringing down his lost angel.

When I found out Lost Angel by Louisa Trent was being offered for review, I had to grab it immediately. I love Ms. Trentís writing, and donít think I have ever found a book by her I have not liked. This was no exception. Steve is hard and gentle, determined and sneaky. Emily is scared and resourceful, submissive and strong-minded. Both of them need to learn to trust despite what they have gone through in the past, and despite what they think they know about the other. This is one of Ms. Trentís earlier works, and although references were made to a BDSM lifestyle, there were few examples at the typical level we find in most erotic romances now. It was mostly a sweet, hot story with a little bit of fairly mild kink thrown in.


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