Lights Out! by Amber Green

The Huntsmen, Book 1

Loose Id

ISBN: 978-1-59632-441-1

Erotic Paranormal Romance

Reviewed by Nannette



Lorelei Gale breaks into Jack Frenchís hotel room to escape the monsters that may be tracking her. The monsters killed her mother, so she and some friends banned together to try and stop them. Lorie was the bait. She was supposed to lure them so the others could trap them but things did not work out as planned. Her friends are dead and Lorie is hiding in a strangerís hotel room. Jack takes full advantage of Lorieís predicament. He was waiting for a private dancer but he is Lorieís only shot against the monsters and he needs to feed. Jack and his twin brother Tommy are Huntsmen. They feed off of sexual energy. While Jack and Loriís relationship intensifies, Tommy is left to find his own feeder. Jack, Tommy, and Lorie ban together to hunt and destroy the Hydes - the monsters who prey in the dark. When one of them becomes the thing they hunt, they may be forced to kill the familiar face of a monster.   

Lights Out! is very interesting but a bit hard to follow. It starts off in the middle and things are explained as they happen. It is an eerie story with cool imagery. The monsters that go bump in the night in Lights Out!  will tear you apart if they get you. The dynamics of Jack, Tommy, and Lorieís relationship create a lot of angst.  Itís an unusual love story because of how Jack and Lorie meet and what is going on around them. I was saddened by how things worked out with Tommy.  Lights Out! is very creative and intriguing. Although there is a happy ending, there is also sorrow, loss, and rape.  It left me with some mixed emotions.


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