Less than Perfect Family by Betty Hanawa

The Wild Rose Press

Contemporary Romance

ISBN: 1-60154-223-2

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Sam Michaels and Janie McDaniel are friends, and have been for a couple of years.  Both are content with their lives and the part each plays in the otherís daily routine.  Sam is wary of commitment since his divorce, and as a widow, Janie doesnít think that she will marry again, so she is content to be friends with Sam and a mother to her young son. 

Janie and Samís lives change in the blink of an eye when Samís daughter is killed, and his vindictive ex-wife challenges his custody of his young granddaughter.  With the knowledge that a two parent household is better than a one parent, Sam and Janie marry to pacify the Family Court.  The challenges they face as a married couple are nothing compared to the attraction each feels.  Will their friendship be able to continue even though they are married?  Sam and Janie both hope so, because losing the friendship they have come to need is just not something they want to happen.

I knew when I saw the blurb for Less Than Perfect Family that I would be experiencing a realistic look at the combination of two families, much like my own. The challenges Sam and Janie face are so realistic that I could have stepped right into Janieís shoes and lived her life.  Sam desires Janie, and she him.  But because their friendship with each other means so much to them, they are a bit scared at carrying their friendship further, and I couldn't blame them.

Less Than Perfect Family was not less than perfect. It was a realistic look at how two friends can make a marriage work, even when they are scared.  I thoroughly enjoyed it!


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