Leave the Pieces by Lexie Davis

Amira Press

Contemporary Romance

Reviewed by Kacee



After a night of drunken passion, Brianna loses not only her virginity but also her best friend Kaden when she turns up pregnant by him. After the death of his grandfather, eighteen months later, Kaden is given a chance to redeem himself thanks to his grandfather’s will. If he doesn’t marry Brianna, no one in his entire family will receive a dime of their inheritance, including their daughter, Shiloh.

A five million dollar inheritance isn’t something Brianna can just walk away from, especially since the money will secure their daughter’s future. So they do the only thing they can do, get married, but with a few stipulations. Like no sex.  A marriage of convenience seems like a good idea at the time that is until Brianna realizes she’s still very much in love with him. Kaden knows he only has one shot of getting it right this time, if only he could tear down the walls that surround his heart.

As a big fan of the Harlequin Silhouette 80’s ‘secret baby’ genre and ‘marriage of convenience’ books, I was truly looking forward to reading Leave the Pieces. Unfortunately, in the end I felt as if Leave the Pieces had a lot of promise with very little follow through. I did not fall for this hero. Although Kaden knew that Brianna, his supposedly best friend, was indeed pregnant with his child, he turned his back on her and left her to deal with the fallout of their one night together.  I found Kaden’s earlier behavior so reprehensible I could not comprehend how he could continue to think of himself as her best friend, even after the way he treated her.

Brianna’s character wasn’t much better, but I could forgive her easier because to me, it read as if she was going through postpartum depression. She’d been wishy-washy with her affections towards him through all of Leave the Pieces, and their big conflict near the end was predictable and trite.

On the plus side, the love scenes were well written and made me wish I could enjoy the rest of Leave the Pieces as much as I enjoyed them.


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