Learning Curves by CB Potts, Jodi Payne, Elisa Viperas

Taste Test

Torquere Press

Contemporary, GLBT

ISBN-13: 978-1-60370-255-3

ISBN-10: 1-60370-255-5

Reviewed by Beth Anne



“Advanced Studies” by CB Potts

Rini disagrees with the rest of her department colleagues at the university and is passionate about recruiting the “best and brightest” students, and it’s up to the department head, Gwen, to calm Rini down, reminding Rini of her un-tenured position and that it would be best for everyone if Rini learned how to get along with the “good ole boys”.  What Rini really wants, is Gwen.  Can the younger woman teach her boss to trust Rini?

I enjoyed “Advanced Studies” as I could relate to the “good ole boy” status quo mentality in a work environment, and it was fun and interesting to read how Rini and Gwen both dealt with the professional issues while working on a romantic relationship. 


“Hot for Teacher” by Jodi Payne

Alice is a graduate student and Teacher’s Assistant to Professor Lisa Kusner in a fiction writing class.  Alice had fallen for Lisa at their first meeting, before the semester class even began.  As the semester progresses, Alice finds herself daydreaming and fantasizing about the Professor.  When asked to dinner to discuss the course schedule, Alice doesn’t know whether or not it’s a date or just a scholastic meeting.  Rickie, Alice’s best friend and the person with the most “extensive research on being a woman” as she’s “saving money for her transition” is hilarious and rock steady with advice and wisdom and helps Alice prepare for the evening.  Will love follow?

In “Hot for Teacher”, Rickie almost stole the show with dialogue, but the sex scenes between Alice and Lisa were hot and riveting. 


“Do it With Class” by Elisa Viperas

When Audrey Templeton, a twenty-six year old third grade teacher at St. Joseph’s school, meets the new P.E. teacher Rhiannon Reese a prior self-defense teacher, Audrey is immediately captivated.  Audrey has always wanted to teach, and is the epitome of a prim and proper teacher all the way down to her tweed skirts. She is also very much in the closet regarding her sexuality.  Reese, on the other hand, is a sexy, well-defined, beautifully toned older woman.  Audrey definitely wants Reese, and Reese finds Audrey adorable and cute.  But can they date, when Audrey finally finds the courage to ask Reese out and Reese bowls over laughing?

I really enjoyed “Do it With Class”, with Audrey and Reese being almost complete opposites in personality. 


All three stories in Learning Curves, were rich in dialogue and character and it was a joy to read and watch women falling in love with other women, and know the rituals of dating for the first time with bundles of nerves and high emotions is universal. 


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