Leap of Faith by Arianna Hart

Samhain Publishing

Romantic Suspense

ISBN: 1-59998-897-6

Reviewed by Jo



Dr. Jane Farmer is having a really bad day. First, she is fired by cell phone of all things. Then she figures out she has signed for a package that doesnít belong to her but her neighbor. To top it off, her apartment is trashed.  For a marriage and family therapist who does a public talk radio show, this is an extreme day.  Maybe if she just goes to bed, the next day will be better. Well, first she has to find a bed.

Lex DíAngelo, a former FBI agent, has no idea what is going on at his complex, but that many cops around makes him nervous.  Lex decides to ask questions before confronting the cops and he knows just the person to ask: his neighbor Dr. Farmer.  From the moment Lex surprises Jane, they are on the run.  The first problem being neither knows why or whoís after them. 

Jane and Lex have hardly ever talked to one another and have some misconceptions about the other.  Being on the run and having to figure things out on the fly shows both Lex and Jane that maybe they were wrong.  They are both surprised when the tension turns into live sparks.  To grab the bad guy, it takes both Janeís training and Lexís experience.  When things donít go quite as hoped, can Jane use her current and past knowledge to keep them both alive? What about their budding relationship?

Leap of Faith kept me flipping the pages fast and furiously.  I had to know if Jane was going to show her inner self to sexy Lex and if Lex could discover what even Jane didnít know existed.  Jane has worked hard to re-establish herself after a bad break up. Men were not on her calendar.  Lex has an Italianís love of women, but knows better than to get involved. Or so he thinks.  I could feel the tension between Jane and Lex from the start and loved it as I watched it grow and then blossom into passion and love.  Watching Lex help Jane learn about her inner self and strength just added to the story.  I love great suspense and when you have two characters who mesh so well, it just brings more to the reading experience.  Leap of Faith has a great storyline, two characters who pop, and a suspense that makes you wonder what will happen next.  If you love romantic suspense, then you will want to invest in Ms. Hartís story.


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